bill-robertsHello, Bill Roberts here!

I am delighted to be serving as the new Music Director at People’s Church.  My credentials include a Masters of Music in composition from the New England Conservatory (1990) and a BM in guitar performance from the University of Kentucky (1986).

I grew up in a rural area of southern Ohio called Kitt’s Hill. We had one shop (Marge’s something or other?) where candy bars were 25 cents and (when the school bus stopped on the way home from school) I’d always get my favorite; Funyuns and Dr. Pepper!  At home Dad often played guitar and Mom and Dad both liked to sing folk songs, so it was natural for me to take up music as a kid.

My first instrument was the guitar, which I played and studied from the age of 7. In 5th grade I took up trombone, and both concert and marching band became a central part of my school-days experience. In my senior year of high school I joined the Pride of Cincinnati, a drum and bugle corp that traveled the US and Canada. (I played the baritone bugle—good for your arm muscles!)

Fearing the future wrath of angry neighbors, I sold my trombone after graduating high school and decided to put all my efforts into guitar and composing. (Sometimes I regret this—when attending some fine symphony performance—the majestic or sweet or angry brass resounding in the hall.) Through the intervening years I have done many things to earn my keep, but they have all (well, almost all) involved music in some way; playing at fancy clubs, restaurants, and events—playing at not so fancy clubs, restaurants and events—teaching at schools, teaching on my own—composing music for various projects—etc.

When my daughter Meadow was born I took a break from my sexy Troubadour life style and learned to change diapers, among many other baby oriented things. Nine years later I’m exited to once again be involved in the musical life of my community, and I must say that I am very happy to be starting things off here at People’s Church and look forward to all the music we will be making together! (By the way, I consider People’s Church
a very fancy place!)

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