During the service on August 23, one of our discussion questions was How have you continued to make a difference in your community even with the recent pandemic? What ideas can you share?’

So many good ideas were shared, that I was inspired to share them with our whole community.

– Rev. Rachel

Here are your ideas:

  • Participate with ISAAC, including the Virtual Journey to DC for Racial Justice, as well as sign-on letters that they circulate. (Visit www.isaackalamazoo.org for details and be sure you’re receiving their emails!)
  • Put a sign on your mailbox thanking postal workers.
  • Watch and participate in local government meetings. Many elected bodies, including the Kalamazoo City and County Commissions are livestreaming their meetings. You can watch and make a comment from home – or wherever you are. If you have concerns that local government can address, please visit local government websites to learn meeting times and public comment procedures and make your voice heard.
  • If your experience of the pandemic includes steady or increased income and decreased expenses, increase your financial giving to organizations doing good and important work in our community.
  • Buy Dave Curl’s art – you will be making the world more beautiful & the proceeds support People’s Church.
  • Protests are still happening, of course. If attending protests is a risk you’re willing to take, go!
  • An invitation especially for white people: start a book group with friends and family focused on whiteness and racism.

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