elizabethElizabeth Warner grew up loosely affiliated with the Congregational Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

She and her former wife, Julia Koestner-Warner first came to People’s in 1998 and joined the church soon after.

“Many friends encouraged us to attend People’s, stating it was a welcoming place for our family and a liberal place to explore our spiritual path,” Elizabeth said. “We started attending when our oldest son, Roe was just a few months old.   We came looking for acceptance and we found friends, fun, commitment, challenge and growth. I continue to attend People’s, admiring the growth we have had as a congregation embracing identity challenges, social activism and capital campaigns.

“Transitioning to religious practice independent from Rev. Jill McAllister has been amazing to personally experience and to behold in others,” Elizabeth said. “I’m proud to have People’s as my religious home, even as my participation waxes and wanes with other life commitments. People’s has always been a place to check my assumptions and to crack open just a bit more in vulnerable service to humanity. The UU statement of valuing the inherent worth and dignity of every human being has been a bedrock for my reflection and practicing empathy.”

Elizabeth has sung in the choir, served on the finance committee, been a summer camping organizer, bazaar volunteer and a member of the Board of Trustees. She is currently chair of the nominating committee.

“I hope to continue to serve and be fed by the generosity of this community for many years,” Elizabeth said. “I’m especially joyous that Rev. Rachel has been called to serve here. I revel in her playfulness and compassion and benefit from her leadership here at People’s and in this community.”

(Elizabeth, 47, is medical director of Continuous Improvement Support at Bronson. She serves clinically with the Advance Illness Management team as a palliative care physician at Bronson. She lives with and is raising her two sons, Roe, 17 and Tatem, 12.)

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