Chris and Emily Sipsma

Emily and Chris Sipsma first attended People’s in 2016.

“Multiple friends recommended we come,” Emily said.

Emily grew up in the First Congregational Church in Allegan. Chris said he was brought up in a very open-minded household.

“My mother was interested in the New Age movement and I was exposed to a lot of different beliefs, but I never had a church home,” he said.

“We were looking for a community to become a part of what would support us in ways that are in line with our morals,” Emily said. “We’ve found comfort, friendship, community and warmth.”

“At People’s there’s a sense of peace,” Chris added. “It’s very relaxing to be surrounded by others who share your core values. I continue to come for the sense of peace the very space provides. I also come to be challenged, to be reassured.”

“I always feel more connected and whole when I walk out of the church on Sunday afternoon, ready to face the week ahead.” Emily said.

Emily said Nature is a source of religious wisdom for her.

Chris said, “For me there is no single source of religious wisdom.  There are so many ways to find the messages.  For me religious wisdom can emerge from books, music, observation of the birds as they maneuver for position on a snow-covered feeder, as well as classic religious traditions of the world.”

Chris has put up flyers for the Bazaar and says he had two great experiences with the Service Auction in the past and looks forward to another this year. Emily is one of the artist coordinators for the Holiday Fine Art Sale and Bazaar. She hopes to continue fostering meaningful connections.

Emily, 34, is a real estate appraiser. Chris, 41, is the homemaker.  Their family includes Lyla, 10, and four furry creatures: Jasper, the dog; and Mayhem, Madness and Moose, the cats.

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