Monet Everly first began attending People’s when she was ten years old.

“My father started bringing me along with him,” Monet recalls. “He said it would be good for me to have some diversity in my life. At first, I came because my father made me, but then I became enamored with the philosophy of UU. I found my home in the People’s community so much that I now bring my daughters to church.

“I continued to come because I was interested in the information that was available,” she added.

It’s important to Monet that we welcome everyone. Monet said she appreciates the open, caring environment at People’s, and she finds Socrates and other philosophers sources of religious wisdom.

“Knowing that I know nothing and the willingness to open my heart to learning is important to me,” she said. “The best sermons for me are those that speak about humanity and the connection of our community.”

When she was in high school she represented People’s at the state level, attending all the youth conferences and received an award in 2000 for her work with the church.

Now Monet is attending Western Michigan University and says she is consumed with motherhood and school.

(Monet, 36, is a single mother and a WMU student. She has two daughters, Lilly, 8 and Julia, 4.)

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