By Ardyce Curl

Cory Zann attended People’s for several years in the late 1970s when she moved to Kalamazoo.  She drifted away, but returned in September 2017 and joined in March 2018.

She grew up in the Methodist church.

“Even then I was probably leaning toward Unitarianism without realizing it because the most meaningful parts of Sunday School were those spent learning about other religions,” Cory said.

“I first heard about People’s when I was a freshman at U of M from two friends who had attended,” Cory said. “One was a member of a family who is still active in People’s.  The other was Jewish but had found the youth program so meaningful that he attended regularly with his friend.”

Cory more recently was searching for a church home. “I attended another church briefly where I felt very welcome, but I wasn’t comfortable with the traditional approach to religion,” she said.

She added, “Here at People’s I’ve found a welcoming community, the chance to grow spiritually and to broaden my view of the world.

“I find something of spiritual comfort and growth in each service,” Cory said.  “This summer I have appreciated the lay services and the chance they provide for me to learn more about members of the congregation as well as the presenters.”

She appreciates that People’s congregation is a fabric woven from many diverse backgrounds and beliefs which add to its depth of character.

Here at People’s, Cory belongs to a chalice group and a discussion group.

“In both groups I value the bond that is forming among members as we get to know each other on a deeper level,” Cory said.

Cory has been an active member of the Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo for 39 years.  She served on the board as secretary and is currently secretary of the sale committee.  She contributed a hand-woven scarf to the Silent Auction and plans to donate weaving to the Holiday Bazaar.

“I’m a lifelong weekly swimmer and have enjoyed many years of obedience training with my German shepherd, Maya.” Cory said.

(Cory, 68, is a widow and is retired from teaching English at Portage Central High School.)

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