When Kelly Henderson and her husband Scot were looking for a scouting experience for their son Jeremy they met several People’s people, including Diane Melvin, who shared information about their church experiences at People’s. That was in 2005.

Kelly and her family were in search of community. She said her father was part of a big Irish Catholic family, but she was not committed.

“I attended Catholic services only for events like weddings and confirmations,” she said.

Kelly said she occasionally visited local Christian churches with her Mom or friends, but never felt like a ‘believer’ or that she fit with a specific set of beliefs.

At People’s, Kelly says she has had the opportunity to explore and experience traditions and insights from around the globe.

“In all the thirteen years it’s still about community,” Kelly said. “It’s a place to draw and give support to people I may not have otherwise encountered or connected with.  It’s where my children have made their deepest friendships.”

Kelly considers herself agnostic. She said she has had no one source of religious wisdom but said many sources can serve as teachings for who and how she wants to be in the world.

She finds the inherent worth and dignity of every person to resonate with her.

“That principle connects my church, my work and my family,“ she said.

Kelly has volunteered on the RE Committee, the DRE Sabbatical Committee, and the Women’s Retreat Committee. She has been a Coming of Age mentor and an OWL Sexuality facilitator. Recently she was a speaker during a summer lay service.

Kelly said, “I’ve been active in the RE program as my children have continued to be involved. Now with my recent change in work responsibilities I’m pulling back a bit for some self-care.”

(Kelly, 41, has worked at Ministry with Community for the past decade and accepted the Executive Director role in January 2018. She lives in Parchment with her husband Scot and their children Nikolaus and Rachel. Kelly’s oldest child, Jeremy, attended EMU and recently relocated to Houston, TX.)

Article written by Ardyce Curl

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