Following is an interview with a People’s person talking about why she came to People’s and why she continues to participate.

Michelle Scott

Michelle Scott first attended People’s in October 2014.

“I was looking for a church that challenged my mind, had people who also wanted to challenge their minds and a church that could be a place where potential future children could learn many options of beliefs,” she said.

Michelle was raised Roman Catholic, but had left the church when she was told to say she believed in aspects of the religion she didn’t believe as part of the sacrament of confirmation.

Later while at Michigan State University she took a “What religion are you?” quiz. The results indicated UU.

At that time Michelle, didn’t feel the need to be part of a congregation, but when she moved to the Kalamazoo area she found People’s.

“I wanted to be able to say something more specific than I’m spiritual but not religious, or it’s complicated, in regards to religion,” she said.

Here she has found many people who love to talk about how to contribute to this diverse world, how to make the world a more supportive place, and how to be spiritual/religious in different ways.

“Coming to People’s helps me stay focused on principles and continues to develop my beliefs and the ways I live my life,” Michelle said.

“People are here when you need them,” she said.  “I live so far from most of my family. When I moved recently, People’s people were there to help.

She said Rev. Rachel and many other People’s members have been helpful in nurturing her religious life.

Michelle is on the Religious Education Committee and a teacher in the RE program. She has been only somewhat involved with social justice, racial and refugee projects and hopes to do more with those topics in the future.

Asked what she’d like to see happen here that is not happening now, Michelle suggested setting up matched mentor relationships for children, young adults and new members to more veteran members of the congregation.

(Michelle, 28, is single. She is a school psychologist, who grew up in Escanaba.)


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