Back in 1970, when I was at Kansas State University, Connie and I were active in the Manhattan UU fellowship.  That fellowship had no paid staff; everything was done by volunteers.  Worship services were led by members or visitors.  There was even a rotation to clean the building.

In the old days at People’s, the only paid staff was the minister.  As the church matured, more and more of the volunteer work was taken over by staff.  Now we have a full time RE director and office administrator as well as part time music director, data base manager and janitors.

This does not mean that less work is done by volunteers.  With the basic work done by staff, volunteers have more time to make the church a caring community and to foster social justice in the world.

Shortly after I joined the Board, Rachel pointed out that we have relied on a series of volunteer treasurers and staff members to handle the complex task of managing our finances.  We would probably have a hard time finding someone with the necessary skills and time when our current treasurer and staff retire.  She suggested that we reorganize our office staff so that they do most of the accounting work and the treasurer can concentrate on oversight.  We were working on her plan when Corona hit.

We decided to postpone the reorganization, and Allan Hunt, Barb Davis and Mary Carroll agreed to carry on while we dealt with the crisis.  But when the data base manager left for a better job, it offered an opportunity to implement the first step in Rachel’s plan; namely to hire a part-time bookkeeper.  We think this will cause a small but manageable increase in our anticipated budget deficit.  The bookkeeper would work about the same number of hours as the data base manager did but would be paid at a higher rate in recognition of the more complex duties involved.

The search committee members are Allan Hunt, Barb Davis and Rachel.  The job listing is posted on People’s website.  If you know anyone who would be interested in the job, please let them know.

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