Over the last few months, board and finance leaders and Rev. Rachel have been working hard to redesign administrative staffing. A draft plan will be discussed at the board meeting in early April and shared with the congregation shortly thereafter. Please check emails from the church for the latest about all of this.

Our communication with you hasn’t been stellar about this project so far. For this, we apologize. It has come to our attention that there are rumors that our current staff members haven’t been performing well. That is not the issue. Our administrative staff have been performing the tasks we have asked of them well and with great commitment. We are very grateful for their years of dedicated service. We also believe that to meet the church’s needs, there should be changes in administrative structure (though current staff members are encouraged to apply for the new roles).

The need to look closely at job descriptions and roles and determine what will be best for the church going forward arose because a few of our finance volunteers said that they are ready to step back after many years of dedicated service. After unsuccessful attempts to recruit others into these roles, we looked at how other congregations manage these functions and learned that they are nearly universally done by paid staff for churches of our size (of budget and members). It is amazing that People’s Church has been able to rely on volunteers for so much of its accounting, financial oversight, and related tasks. Thank you volunteers, especially Barb Davis, Allan Hunt and Mary Carroll for their many years of dedicated service!

It has been decades since People’s Church has looked closely at administrative functions and job descriptions. The team leading this project started from scratch to look at the church’s administrative, bookkeeping, financial oversight, and communications needs and drafted job descriptions that we think will meet these needs.

It is a challenging time and it is likely that our initial timelines will be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of what exactly lies ahead, we are grateful to the staff and volunteers who keep the church and its programs operating day after day. As this process unfolds we are committed to treating everyone, including employees, with care and respect.

If you have questions about any of this, please reach out to the administrative staffing team: Susan Moerdyk, Barb Davis, Allan Hunt, Karen Friedel, Elizabeth Warner, and Rev. Rachel Lonberg.

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