• Mary Lewis working with a Lincoln School student.

  • People's Social Justice supporters get the congregation involved in ISAAC's social action issues.

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    Rick Johnson works with the Prisoner Re-entry program.

  • Rick Johnson delivers People's donations to Loaves & Fishes.

Social Justice work at People’s Church is a vital aspect of our Church life.  Recently, People’s Church celebrated the distinct honor of being selected by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) as the 2012 recipient of the Bennett Award for Congregational Action on Human Justice and Social Action.

Social Justice work at People’s includes support by the Social Justice Coordinating Committee (SJCC) of the following projects.

Social Justice work at People’s includes the following groups and activities.

The Social Justice Coordinating Committee (SJCC) at People’s Church is charged with facilitating and coordinating the efforts of the congregation to be actively involved in living our values in the community and the world.   Learn More

Latest Social Justice News

Race Matters

Charlottesville, White Privilege and White Supremacy By Cary Betz-Williams By now we have all seen it—the men marching in their polo shirts and khakis, carrying tiki torches from the local hardware store. The confederate battle flag, the flapping swastikas. The faces—not even covered—are white faces, white men. A group meets them and violence ensues.  The […]


ISAAC Listening Engagement

Saturday, August 12th, 1:00-4:30 pm & Sunday, August 13th, 2:00-5:30 pm ISAAC is in need of volunteers to help connect with residents in neighborhoods to understand the most important issues for our next two years’ work. You and a partner go door-to-door to ask residents about their concerns and desires for their neighborhood. The voices […]


Race Matters

By Cary Betz-Williams I went to the two and a half day ERACCE training, unsure of what to expect. I was a bit apprehensive, felt shy because I was going to be among strangers and kept reminding myself to think before I spoke since sometimes the most amazingly daft things come out when I don’t.  […]