IMG_0213We continue to strive for an honest, welcoming, and safe group dynamic that supports the religious education program, each other, and the congregation as a whole.  In addition to our primary job of supporting our volunteer teachers and their students, we will work towards the following goals in the upcoming church year.

  • Continue offering exemplary religious education in a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment at People’s Church
  • Be a welcoming presence for families (new and old) each Sunday
  • Foster intergenerational connections among the congregation
  • Provide ongoing teacher development and support
  • Engage a greater variety of people from our congregation to share RE tasks & responsibilities

If you have items you would like to be considered for the agenda, feel free to contact the committee chair.

If you’d like to volunteer to serve on the Religious Education Committee, please contact Diane Melvin.

2017-18 RE Committee 

  • Mary Kate Webster, Chair
  • Diane Melvin , DRE
  • Nicky Gates, RE Program Assistant
  • Bobby Goldstein
  • Jenny Henley
  • Betsy Johnson
  • Amy Marr
  • Wendy Murray
  • Marti Peters-Sparling
  • Chris Semelbauer
  • Michelle Weemhoff
  • Elizabeth Willis