September 5, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Room 9

Native American Ceremony
Free Event
1st Wednesday each month @ 7:00 pm
Room 9 (best to enter through back door from rear parking lot)

The Medicine Wheel is laid in a ceremonial manner, with honor and respect. We are creating sacred space. We raise our vibration with singing, drumming and rattling, but most importantly with our intention. In these blissful moments we are able to step away from the heaviness of our human existence and experience the joy of remembering our own true essence. We remember that we are all part of a greater whole, and we begin to understand how our relationship with every other being on this earth truly matters.

This sacred circle has been around for a very long time with the native people. It was shared with us by Sun Bear, medicine chief of the Bear Tribe, because he strongly believed it’s capacity for healing was so important that it must be shared with everyone. This healing is for ourselves, our relations and our planet. We are all related.

Consider taking an hour out of your busy schedule and join us. Please bring your own drums and rattles if you have them though I will have some extra. You can participate to your level of comfort or you can simply observe and enjoy. Either way, you may very likely discover the serenity and sense of connectedness you didn’t even realize was missing from your life. For more information, contact Ann at 269-350-1320 (call or text) or capri116@aol.com.

“Walk in balance on the Earth Mother” – Sun Bear