Sunday Morning

If you are interested in volunteering (or know a volunteer role that needs to be filled), please contact Rev. Rachel.  If you want to volunteer, but these aren’t quite the right fit, let Rev. Rachel know and she can help you find the right role.

To see all of our Sunday Morning opportunities, visit the virtual sign-up sheet here

Office Volunteers

We’re looking for people to answer phones, make copies, fold Orders of Service and do other tasks so that our administrative staff are freed to do other things.

Arms Around Transportation Coordinator

When People’s people need transportation to church or for medical appointments, our transportation coordinator would connect them with people willing to give rides. (We already have the list of willing ride-givers.) This is a small job, but makes a big difference.

Updating the Church Website

Do you know how to use WordPress and Pagelines? This is the job for you. Help our administrative staff manage the church website. (This job can be done at any time from anywhere.)

Art Wall Receptions

We are looking for potential hosts as well as someone to recruit and organize the reception hosts.  The lead role is not as intimidating as it may seem.

Most of the work is flexible and routine: Six artists are scheduled for 2017-2018, at 5-6-week intervals planned not to conflict with other food-service events. Each reception (except September) is after the service on the opening Sunday of each exhibit so people can become acquainted with the artist and with the work.
Our small budget provides for a seasonal beverage and one or two finger-snacks to be prepared and served by a team of two volunteers.

Joining this group could provide an excellent opportunity to meet new people, so please contact Dave Curl at
or 269-375-5621, or Chris Schleuder in the church office.  Thank you!