Get Motivated
Lights blazing away? This is a great time of the year to save money and reduce your personal carbon footprint by switching to LED light bulbs.  Even if you’ve been changing over to LEDs, take an inventory to see which bulbs you still need to replace.  Then go straight to your favorite hardware store to take advantage of prices that are subsidized by Consumers Energy.  They are available in the full color temperature range from warm to daylight, and a variety of sizes – ask a clerk to help you.

Get Involved – Here are some organizations with local chapters that are taking action right now to fight climate change:

  • Citizens Climate Lobby – non-partisan legislative initiative at the Federal level to reduce carbon emissions
  • Extinction Rebellion – active, non-violent protest movement
  • Sierra Club – lobbying and political action organization
  • Earth Day – help plan and organize the 50th Earth Day in Kalamazoo
  • Peoples Church Green Sanctuary Committee – help move your church community along the path to sustainability – we have ideas for action that are in need of a champion – no need to attend committee meetings!

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