rev_naomi_king(sm)One great online resource for UUs is a “Tumblr” micro-blog called “Unitarian Universalist quotes”. This micro-blog is created by the Rev. Naomi King.

This micro-blog has hundreds of quotes from UUs spread across 172 pages. The website is searchable if you are looking for a quote on a particular theme, or by a particular author.  The quotes include both current UUs and past UUs. Rev. King provides a new quote about once per day.

Here are some recent quotes that struck me:

“Unkindness is its own broken vow.”   Carlton Elliott Smith (Unitarian Universalist, clergy) Unitarian Universalist General Assembly 2013

 “Mockery never degrades the just. The good cannot be shamed. The arrows of persecution – the sharp missiles of scorn – glance from them harmless; more than this — they illustrate their virtue.” E. H. Chapin (Edwin Hubbell Chapin) Hours of Communion (1848) p.55 (Universalist, clergy)

 “To atone means more than just to say you’re sorry. It means to repair the damage, the emotional as well as the physical damage, and become whole, to become at-one again.” Jeanne Harrison Nieuwejaar, Fluent in Faith: A Unitarian Universalist Embrace of Religious Language (Unitarian Universalist, educator, clergy)

 “We want the Poem but we must have the Protest too.” Abigail Alcott (Unitarian, abolitionist, reformer)

“We are all bound up together in one great bundle of humanity, and society cannot trample upon the weakest and feeblest of its members without receiving the curse in its own soul.”  Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (Unitarian, educator, reformer, suffragist, abolitionist), “We Are All Bound Up Together” Eleventh Women’s Rights Convention 1866, quoted by Shirley Wilson Logan, “We Are Coming” The Public Discourse of Nineteenth-Century Black Women (1999) p.58

 “True manliness holds out the hand to woman, and says, “Do whatever you are able to do; whatever God meant you to do. Neither you nor I can tell what that is till all artificial barriers are removed, and you have full opportunity to try.”…And this is the real chivalry of the present hour.” James Freeman Clarke, Everyday Religion (1886) p.138 (Unitarian, reformer, clergy)

 You can follow UU quotes via a free Tumblr account, which can be quickly set up via the UU quotes blog. I follow it by checking in at the general UU blog feed at UU Updates.

 Rev. Naomi King is also active in a variety of other social media. Another blog she runs is “Universalist Prayers: Daily Morning and Evening Meditations”. As the name suggests, the blog provides a morning and evening meditation/prayer.  Here is the morning meditation/prayer for July 1st:

 “Blessed are the days when we live in balance, centered in the heart that holds and the hand that helps and the love of life that guides us. Blessed are the days when we live in balance, tending the needful and the good, righting wrongs, restoring what has been stolen, repairing what was awfully broken. Blessed are the days when we live in balance, letting go of expectations that hurt and that hold us back from bearing healing and hope to one another and to this earth. Blessed are the days when we live in balance, glad to give what we can, glad to share this life, glad to do all we might to make this world more loving, more peaceful, more whole. Amen.”

This meditation/prayer blog can also be followed in a variety of ways, for example through UU Updates, or through the Rev. King’s twitter account: . (If you haven’t used twitter, you have to set up your own free account, and then decide who you want to “follow” using that free account. Once you get used to it, it’s easy to do, although potentially a time sink.)

 As a bit of trivia, Rev. King is the daughter of author Stephen King. She definitely has her own artistry with words, and a fine knowledge of UU history.


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