Dave JohnsonGreetings, People’s people! It’s been a busy and enjoyable summer for our family. I have closed out my interim ministry obligations at the Unitarian Society of Hartford CT, and am eagerly anticipating the coming year’s opportunities to build upon and strengthen the many shared ministries at People’s Church. By the time you read this newsletter, my wife Diann and I will be settling into our apartment at Summer Ridge, and beginning to explore the landscapes of greater Kalamazoo and southwestern Michigan. We will attend the church campout at Van Buren State Park on the shores of Lake Michigan on Saturday, August 2, and expect to visit other destinations reflecting the magnificent landscapes of late summer and autumn in the Great Lakes region.

We look forward to greeting each of you during coffee hour at summer services beginning on August 3rd.   Moreover, we are eager to schedule individual visits with you—either at the church, or at convenient coffee spots in town, or in your homes. Diann and I have enjoyed reading some of the Members’ profiles compiled by Ardyce Curl. These personal statements are an inspiring introduction to the truly amazing qualities of this congregation. I will be following up and calling you, and hope that we might arrange a time for a visit. In addition, please feel free to contact me either via e-mail at revdaj@aol.com, or via my cell phone number.  We look forward to getting to know you during the coming year.

During early August, I will be meeting with the church staff, the Board Executive Committee, the entire Board, the Transition Team, and the Ministerial Search Committee as a guide to allocating my time and priorities for the coming year. I do have a single over-arching goal: Everything that I do at People’s Church in the coming year will be aimed toward strengthening the church so that the very best UU ministers will apply to become your next settled minister. That will be my primary goal.

Meanwhile: The summer awaits our discoveries and appreciations.   I am eager to hear your suggestions about destinations–both well-known and little-known–that you have found meaningful and inspiring.

Thanks so much for your generous hospitality in welcoming Diann and me to your community. We look forward to visiting with each of you soon.

Rev. Dave Johnson, Interim Minister, People’s Church of Kalamazoo, 2014-2015

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