Building the Beloved Community

This month our religious education classes are exploring how we can be good people and create a kind and just world. The Kindergarten through 7th graders will learn about forgiveness, mercy and peaceful conflict resolution using Jesus’ teachings about the Beatitudes, the Golden Rule, and the Prodigal Son.

As RE class lessons build upon one another, the most meaningful experience of religious growth and learning comes from consistent church attendance and class engagement. In addition to the conversations and activities that take place in the RE classes are the UU ideals and values modeled by everyone in our church community.

How we treat one another is the most obvious way we communicate our religious beliefs. Do we give an angry glance at the parents of the fussy baby in the seat near us? Or do we smile with compassion? Do we gently remind the running children to walk? Or growl at them? How do we welcome the stranger or newcomer in our midst? Do we flock to talk to our friends after church or introduce ourselves to someone we don’t know?

The old saying, “actions speak louder than words” is very true and our children and youth are watching each of us and noticing how we express our religious values by the choices we make and the actions we take in large and small ways.

Having a diverse and loving community of different ages, genders, beliefs, backgrounds, economic levels, races and religions is such a gift we offer our kids. They glean and learn so much every time they enter our doors by simply being an integral part of this beloved community.

Each week we have opportunities to gather together to share uplifting music, hear stories that touch our hearts, experience rituals that offer solace, and connect more deeply with another to learn, grow and remember that we are not alone traversing this life.

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin,
Religious Education Director

Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education

 Congratulations to the 5/6th graders who completed the OWL program this winter:

  • Lyla Eslick
  • Frankie Goldstein
  • Rosie Hill
  • Bella Johnson
  • Kayla Lyle
  • Madison Little-Garner
  • Alekh Marion
  • Fiona Murray
  • Amelie Payne
  • Gideon Post
  • Parker Robinson
  • Alice Wadsworth-Curcuru

And Thank You to their teachers—Pam Wadsworth and Chris Semelbauer!

Home Hospitality Needed

People’s Church is hosting an OWL Facilitator Training on April 12-14. Some of the participants may need home hospitality from Thursday evening April 11 through Sunday morning April 14. If you have a spare bedroom and would be willing to host someone, please contact Diane Melvin at

Middle School Sleepover

Thanks to those made this fun night so successful. And special thanks to the high school youth for leading worship for the middle-schoolers!

Family Fun Night

Thanks to everyone who made our Family Fun Night such a great experience. Making the time to deepen our connections between one another is a priceless gift for everyone involved.

High School Youth Group – March 10

All 9-12th graders are invited to join in on the fun. Deepen relationships, play games, and have fun. Help out with plans for our National Wildlife Federation habitat certification project on the church grounds.

Lunch provided in the kitchen after church then youth group will meet from 12:45-2:30 in Room L2 on all Second Sundays through May.

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