Pam Allen-Thompson (med)“It can’t be November already!” Have you felt that, too? The titillating colors of Autumn that we glimpse through the many windows of People’s Church are comfortably soothing. The scurrying squirrels remind us that it is time to gather the firewood, make apple butter, or whatever we do to prepare for the wonder of winter.

The seasonal shift can usher in a deeper pull toward togetherness, as though we might tap into an innate recognition of the importance of coming together, to participate in the bounty of life ever in motion. I have come to see the good folks of People’s Church as a congenial band of all kinds of people who easily stick out a hand of friendship or offer a big smile of welcome. As a relative newcomer to this group of beautiful souls, I know this is who I would want to be with to learn what winter is like in this part of the country. And there are many more things you can teach me during my brief time here—as I also share my gifts with you.

Looking ahead, I see new ideas, new voices speaking their truth, new guests who make the commitment of membership, and new experiences for all who make their way to this unique church on the hill that is also an inspiring nature center.

People’s Church has much to be grateful for. Those of you who have made it so must feel very proud, and rightly so. Interested parties who feel a curious boldness to check it out will probably agree, and a good number of them will come back.

To the people of People’s, may you always treasure your treasure on the hill—and all the devoted members of generations who continue to fan the flame that touches the lives of many in significant

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