Pam-Allen-Thompson-med-254x300.jpgSince we will be looking deeper into the benefits of the “Two Minister Model” for an interim period, I thought it helpful to identify again some of the core work of interim ministry.  The following are some of the milestones or accomplishments since August.

I have learned who the leaders are, what wide diversity of issues congregants care about, and what staff members do.

Studied how I could best supervise and support the work of staff, and covered for the absence of our Administrator after injuries from a car accident.

Brought more diversity to the Sunday service by honoring a “Person of the Week,”
(September–November), and starting the weekly sharing of “This I Believe,” which is ongoing.

Worked with the A/V team to improve effectiveness and recruit more people with A/V skills so the core team can benefit from some back-up.

Attended two ISAAC events and participated in four other justice activities.

Asked for conversations with leaders around boundary issues in terms of refraining from contact with the departing minister during the interim period, as advised by UUA protocol.

Held with care the expressions of the sense of loss that comes with having to say good-bye to a long-tenured, beloved minister.

Encouraged hope by asking others to trust in the wisdom of People’s leaders and remember that change truly can bring unexpected gifts.

Supported the hard-working and effective Membership committee that lifted up the importance of becoming a member, and recently celebrated 14 new members.

Linked leaders to UUA recommendations for the Start-up retreat in October and the retreat with a Settlement representative in February.

Advised the Board to consider an effective way to merge the two classes of membership into one, with justification for why that would be helpful, and encouraged an assessment of other areas that could benefit from clearer guidelines and stronger development of policy and procedures to create more efficient, effective, and accountable practices.

Encouraged the common read of Governance and Ministry to increase understanding of how a Program Church functions differently from the model that currently serves People’s Church.

Met with the Capital Campaign Consultant to help with disseminating important information as needed.

Accepted every invitation extended by a congregant, including invites from youth and young adults, except when the timing did not allow.

Plus, the ongoing tasks of ministry include: performing rites of passage, being present for family concerns, leading Sunday Services, recognizing needs and recruiting those who are equipped to address them, supervising staff, and working closely with the Transitions Team and the Board of Trustees.

I will miss you, but we don’t have to think about that yet.

With appreciation to all who bring positive energy to this collaborative work,

Rev. Pam

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