Pam-Allen-Thompson-med-254x300.jpgWhat’s new regarding shifts in Sunday programming? I put out some feelers in last month’s newsletter for people to imagine other options for Sunday mornings, in the hope that we could create a space for conversations that invite exploration. After all, the minister you call may have a different style than Jill or I have, or a different approach to putting a worship service together. Some ministers do not work with a committee, but most do.

A couple of your responses were about things you don’t want to see changed, and a few leaned in the direction of adding more elements to the service, while others suggested elements to retire. All this, and we hadn’t even set a date for the conversation yet! The enthusiasm to talk about the possibilities, though, is invigorating. This topic will likely be part of the larger conversation about transition that will begin in January, aptly led by the Transition Team, Board of Trustees, and myself. Dates are already being posted. I hope you can make time for most or all of those conversations.

Shifting to the heart message, I want to share a poem I wrote the first time I roamed the hills of Medford Oregon. May it spark a happy beginning for the new year.

All the years soft and turbulent brought us this moment. They have been right.
No room for wrong as the clouds unveil the stars, so ageless so piercing so forever.
The dark skies hold precious light mysterious and majestic
Reaching ever forward ever deeper ever real.
Finally finally finally a return to real, the child the lover the savior the saved
Waiting for right.
Believing knowing doing.

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