Pam Allen-ThompsonMy, how quickly these first two months have passed!  It has been a joy to begin to get to know some of you, and I know there will be more connections made in the weeks ahead.

I continue to feel delight at all the things I’m learning about People’s Church and the many hands and hearts that keep it going. This congregation has good strengths to build upon, and I’m here to help with that.

I will share with you a couple of things that merit our attention. One is an accessibility issue.  I have heard from a number of people that they have difficulty hearing any of the Sunday service, even with the ear-phones, and others have noticed that some sections of the room seem to have more dependable sound.  I’m sure there are solutions, perhaps even options.  Because of our commitment to inclusivity, I hope we will bring the people together who can study the options for improved acoustics and convey their findings to the Board.

Another item that has been disappointing for some is my decision to use a different Order of Service than your previous minister used. This, too, can be addressed.  Unlike the Book of Common Prayer and others that have a standard format, a Unitarian Universalist minister often has his or her own approach to constructing the Order of Service.  To try to accommodate someone else’s style would be inauthentic.

Because authenticity is important to me, as is the health and happiness of our members and friends, I offer this compromise:  I will work with the Sunday Services Committee to decide together which elements from the past will be continued, then add the key elements I wish to bring.  May we allow ourselves permission to make slight shifts as seem fitting.

This experiment with a new Order of Service will run through December, at which time we will assess how well it worked.  I welcome conversation about these or other issues anytime.

I particularly appreciate direct conversation. The messages relayed to me anonymously are usually not helpful, and email is not a good tool for expressing concerns or exchanging ideas.  Conversation, however, whether by phone or in person, is a much more productive way to find common ground.

Rev. Pam


Sunday, October 6—Join Rev. Pam after the service in room 19 for conversation on any topic.  12:15 – 1:15.


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