Pam-Allen-Thompson-med-254x300.jpgRemarkable, amazing, heartwarming—adjectives that describe what I’m seeing unfold in such healthy ways.  The Board, Transition Team, and Nominating Committee continue to move full-steam ahead in their important work to prepare for welcoming your next settled minister.  Each of these three groups have their specific role in this challenging but exciting process.

Other groups are doing excellent work in many areas—too many to name here, but you are on my radar, and I sense your feelings of pride and accomplishment in the many corners of activity at People’s Church and in the wider community— accolades well deserved.

I am excited about the emerging Communications Team, which I know will significantly improve the multiple ways we gather information and disseminate it. On behalf of the “Comm Team,” I hope you will support their well-planned efforts, even if it means refining some of the old ways, such as securing the monthly newsletter (and why), while also developing more and better options that reach those not connected to technology.

Finally, you should know that the Board members and I have sent our mid-term appraisals to the UUA, describing where we are in the transition work right now.  I was very pleased with our process and the conversations that helped us zero in on significant accomplishments, as well as challenges and how we intend to address them.  You would have been proud.

May we revel in all the things we are truly proud of here at People’s. I’ll close with a recent example: Invited to a luncheon prepared by the Coming of Age youth, it was a joy to hear from each one of them and learn their names.  What a smart, talented, and thoughtful group of teens, and what caring and faithful adult leaders who give their service in this way.  Just one of the many things going on that those in the pews rarely get to see. Yes, People’s Church has so much going for it.  Embrace it with pride!

Rev. Pam


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