Bartik_TimTom Schade, a former UU minister, has a recent blog post that I found quite inspiring.

The blog post is in the long tradition of UUs setting out ideas about where UUism should be going. What distinguishes Rev. Schade’s blog post is greater theological and philosophical depth.

Schade argues that UUism needs to “re-claim the story of the Enlightenment”, the great Western philosophical movement towards freedom of thought and action that began in the 17th century.  In his view, UUism arose to “accommodate the truths of the Enlightenment”.  UU churches need to ask “people to understand themselves as part of a great millennium long struggle for the liberation of the human soul”.

Rev. Schade then goes to give some background about the roots of secular Enlightenment thinking in various radical strands of Christianity.

He concludes with what is, in my opinion, a wonderful ending:

“We have to tell people what we know, our testimony of reality: that the path to health and healing and planetary salvation is each of us living with reverence and awe, honesty, humility, gratitude and generosity, openness, solidarity and self-possession, in communities of justice and faith.”

“We will not convince the world until we convince ourselves.”

The entire blog post is well worth reading.

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