Dear People’s people,

Some changes are ahead in how we manage the financial, administrative, and communications tasks necessary to keep People’s Church running smoothly.

Our church has been well-served by a devoted team of volunteers who have kept our financial house in order for years. These dedicated folks include Allan Hunt, Barb Davis, Mary Carroll and Sue Glenn, among others. I am deeply grateful for their years of service. Frankly, it is amazing that our church has survived so long relying on volunteers for balancing our accounts, producing monthly financial reports, managing payroll, and other vitally important finance, bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

Over the past few years, these folks have named that they want to take a well-deserved break from these tasks. After some unsuccessful attempts to recruit other volunteers, it has become clear that we need to change our administrative staffing to have these tasks become part of what we expect of paid staff.

We have a dedicated team of paid administrative staff who have served this church for years, including Chris Schleuder, our church administrator; Dana Kubinski, our database manager (who also does some of our finance-related work and supports the arms around committee in offering tangible support to People’s people in times of struggle and transition); and Nicky Gates, the administrative assistant for the religious education program.

After conversation with board leaders and consultation with UUA regional staff and a ministerial coach, we have a team and a plan to figure out our next best steps. The team leading this work is Allan Hunt, our treasurer; Barb Davis, our assistant treasurer; Board members Elizabeth Warner, Susan Moerdyk, and Karen Friedel; and me. Our first task is to figure out our needs for finance, administration, and communications. We will be meeting with as many committees and other church leaders as we can to learn about what sort of support from staff teams within the church are currently receiving and what could help our teams better live into our mission and vision. Once we generate that list, we will begin working on job descriptions, figuring out what tasks can be done by volunteers and what must be done by staff, keeping in mind how much paid staff time we can afford and our commitment to pay church employees a fair wage. (If you want to be part of any of these conversations, please reach out to me and other members of the team.)

At this point, I do not know what the outcome of this process will be, but I expect change. There is no way that out wonderful volunteers can step back without it impacting the rest of the church’s internal operations. Our hope is to have this new staffing plan be part of the budget for fiscal year 2020-21 that the congregation will vote on next May.

You can expect to see more updates about this process in future newsletters and other communications—or feel free to reach out directly to Allan, Barb, Elizabeth, Susan, Karen, and me if you have questions, what the latest update, or have ideas to share.

See you in church,

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