Dear People’s people,

The results from our Widening Our Welcome survey are in! Beginning next fall, we will be experimenting with a children’s chapel service that begins at the same time as our ‘regular’ service. Diane, your director of religious education; Savannah, your music director; and I are just starting to imagine what this new Sunday service will be like. Diane is starting to think through logistics, such as which ages of children should be at this other service when, while Savannah and I are trying to figure out how to be responsible for two services happening simultaneously. As challenges go, these are certainly happy ones. If you would like to be involved in the creation of this new worship service (as a song leader, story teller, greeter or in some other way) or helping with the existing service to free up others to help with the new service (as a lay service leader, sharing words of welcome, helping with sermon research or finding poems), please let me know. We’ll have a few meetings in the late winter or spring to gather everyone interested leading this new experiment. We are also brainstorming a list of things that will have to be done differently when our community does not worship all together – how do we make sure everyone receives important announcements? How do we clearly communicate where each age of children and youth are gathering every week? There is much to attend to, and I’m eager for this chance to try something new that will allow us to better meet the needs of more people.

Justice was the clear winner in the section of our survey about which program/ministry areas we would like to strengthen, followed by outreach and community. (If you want the details of the survey, please let me know. I will be working with the social justice coordinating community to vision our way forward as a justice-seeking people. If you have ideas for this, please be in touch – or, better yet, attend the social justice coordinating committee meeting. We meet on the second Saturday of the month at 10:30am in room L1 at the church. Our next meeting is on January 12.

I will also be reflecting on how we can strengthen our outreach (at community events, online, and in our partnerships with other organizations) and grow the social events and sense of community in our church. If your New Year’s resolution is to become more involved at People’s Church, there are many possibilities for that. (And if you have an idea that is not listed above, I’d love to hear that too.)

See you in church,
Rev. Rachel

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