Dear Ones,

In the service on November 5, I invited People’s people to start thinking about adding another service. I want to extend that invitation to all of you who might not have been in The Commons that Sunday.

The reason to start considering this is that The Commons is really full most Sundays. On average, our seats are 82% full on Sundays—and the people who study such things say that a worship space feels too full when it’s 80% full. We do not have room for all the people who want what People’s Church has to offer. While this is a happy problem—and you should take a moment to congratulate yourselves for your role in creating a community that people want to participate in— it is a problem nonetheless.

The team leading this project is meeting this month to figure out the best process for making this decision. In the meantime, I invite you to start imagining. One of the opportunities that comes with adding a service is the possibility of doing something different than we are currently doing, that might speak to some of our members—and the people who aren’t here yet—in powerful ways. If you were to design your ideal worship service, what would it be like? Would it have more music, less music or different music than what we currently do? Would it have more ritual, less ritual, or a shorter sermon? Would there be time for small group conversation and connection? Would there be more opportunity for reflections from church members and youth? What time would it happen?

Over the next month, in the midst of the busyness that the December holidays and the end of the year bring to so many of our lives, I invite you to take a few minutes to reflect on these questions. At the beginning of 2018, there will be opportunities to share these ideas and shape the service. (Or if you just can’t wait to share your ideas, feel free to tell me now.)

My hope is that, whether we ultimately decide to add a service or not, the conversations we have together and the ideas we share will make whatever future Sunday services we have richer and more meaningful for those who participate in them.

See you in church,

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