Pam Allen-ThompsonHello, People’s People!

Isn’t it nice to have such a vibrant and inclusive name—People’s Church. As I think about Silas Hubbard, the long-time member who proposed that name in 1892, I honor the insight that captures so well what the religious experience is about.  People—that’s the core.

Certainly people are different in countless ways, even Unitarian Universalists are often less alike than we think.  Still, we’re all part of the world-wide tribe called “people.”

One of my great pleasures is getting to know people who are new to me—hearing their stories, learning how they have navigated life’s twists and turns, recognizing the beauty and bounty of each unique fellow-traveler. I do look forward to our journey together as we celebrate the People’s people—those who have served and received for years, those who have recently discovered this community, and the many who long to find a place like People’s Church.

You have much to give, and I am happy to become a partner in sharing the bounty of this legacy with all of you and the seekers who are yet to come.

With joy—Reverend Pam

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