Sue CaulfieldThe following is Sue Caulfield’s “This I Believe” which she shared with the congregation this past Sunday.  This is a regular feature that Rev. Pam is introducing into the service and Sue graciously delivered the first three minute talk on what she believes.  Stay tuned for future blog posts from the “This I Believe” series.

I believe we are born knowing the sacred and, as children, connect with the sacred up to the point that we are conditioned to let it go.

I believe we spend the rest of our lives trying to reconnect with the sacred.

I believe in something much larger than myself or my community and believe  that it is larger than one name.  For me, this is great spirit, ancestor spirit, spirit of land and place, spirit of mystery, god of light, god of love, god of peace, god of understanding, or my god.

I believe that when I stay awake (or aware), I encounter the divine on a regular basis.

I believe that while science can provide formulas and maps, most of life is still mystery.

I believe we are more alike than different.  I believe that our egos and minds serve to separate us, but our hearts can connect us.

I believe we have an obligation to each and every one of us, and all of what lives, to do what we can to nurture and sustain our environment.

I believe I am a work in progress, never complete, always striving to be myself, whatever that may be.

I believe there is no such thing as an ugly sky or an ugly color.  I cherish the gray skies of a rainy day as much as I cherish the blue skies of a sunny day.

I believe that the soft touch of a cat’s paw can help heal a breaking heart.

I believe that a small piece of dark chocolate, every day, is a good thing.

I believe that gardens of flowers are great teachers, as they remind us to go to seed, nurture ourselves in darkness, take sustenance from the light, slowly grow into our height, dazzle the world with our beauty, and return to seed and darkness.

I believe in myself and my intuition.  I believe that each of us carries a well of wisdom and knowledge, influenced by the energy of the universe.

I believe that we are bundles of energy and that when we leave our earthly form, our energy continues to manifest in the universe, albeit in different form.  I believe that when truly awake and receptive, we “bump into” the energy of those we have lost to death.

I believe we are never truly alone and that the universe is in a constant state of connection and reconnection.

I believe we are born again and again, sometimes in new earthly configurations, but more so in the birth of our true nature.  I believe we die again and again, and should grieve and let go of what no longer serves us.

I believe that what I do on this earth matters.

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